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About Our Ministry

True disciple making is about knowing Jesus and following Jesus through His teachings and commands as revealed by the Holy Spirit to help make future disciples. Individuals in Fisher of Men housing are instructed, mentored and held accountable for their pursuit of living a lifestyle directed to being like Jesus. We follow the principle that to truly serve and become like Jesus is to serve others. This is achieved by doing service work, biblical study, prayer/meditation, fellowship (house meetings) and gathering for worship, along with following all biblical guidelines as God-ordained truth. We desire to impact our neighborhoods by developing individuals to move them from being residents in a house to owning their own homes. Following this model will create an opportunity for us to multiply our housing and expand God's territory.

Fisher of Men, a ministry of Five Gates Church in Rockford, Illinois, operates two homes for men in recovery. The family-style homes give residents support, encouragement and eternal friendships while getting essential job training and life experience.

His kingdom come on earth as in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

Housing Requirements

Desire to develop a closer personal relationship with Jesus

Be active in participating with operational costs incurred in said housing

Share our focus to expand housing opportunities to future individuals by paying it forward

Be accountable to the others residing in the same location

Abide by the guidelines established by the majority in one's residence

Be committed to sober living.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Fisher of Men housing and meets the above requirements, please contact us at or 815-289-3938. All who apply will have an interview before being considered for housing.